A Story Like No Other

How the First American Bespoke Teddy Bear came to life is a story worthy of not only sharing but also to be inspired by.

As Chris Herrington moved to Los Angeles, California in the early 1980’s from Canada with only a couple of thousand dollars in his pocket and his car, he was determined to make something of himself. Born an American from the great state of Minnesota, he knew he had a unique opportunity to make all his dreams come true.

Although he left all his material possessions in Canada, he brought with him an incredible amount of knowledge in the art of fine craftsmanship that he acquired working for many years side by side some of the most renowned European craftsman on many projects for some of the most luxurious and palatial properties.

While Christopher Herrington attended to Business School at McGill University, he quickly realized that all his passions were directly related to having a unique vision and doing whatever it took to make it come true!

Alongside all his skills as a visionary and creative artist, he had a dream and a fire within that is unquenchable till this day. So as soon as he arrived in Venice Beach, he got not only a job at The Cheesecake Factory, but then quickly found two other jobs in order to support himself until a vision of what to do would come to himself.

He worked long hours, double shifts, no days off until one day as he was walking down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills a vision came to him. That was it!! He knew it in his heart, he knew it in his mind and he was going to make it happen.

At that time it was the craze of the Giorgio Perfume era and as Christopher stood looking at the windows of Fred Hayman’s gorgeous, Giorgio Beverly Hills boutique, with its yellow & white striped awnings, the vision was clear.

“This is a Bespoke Teddy Bear” as he saw the image in his mind and went on to business to make it happen. Months later the first Bespoke Giorgio Teddy Bear by Herrington Teddy Bears was not only front and center in all the windows of the Rodeo Drive store, but were being sold all over the USA and that was just the beginning!!!

Quickly Chris had to stop his other jobs in order to fully dedicate himself to the Teddy Bear business that he had created. It wasn’t easy but his vision turned into a worldwide brand that is recognized globally by people of all ages and possesses an unparalleled base of international collectors as well as unceasing increased value to those who desire the best American Teddy Bear.

As of today Christopher Herrington continues to be the President & Founder of Herrington Teddy Bears. He has been leading the company for more than 30 years and as expected, he has had to navigate it through calm waters and sunny days as much as storms and challenging tides in which he has not only been successful but gained an immeasurable amount of personal growth as well as a clearer vision of his dream. Herrington stands with a great team that assist him in all the steps necessary to achieve only the best one of a kind creations for his portfolio of elite clients. Chris is involved in each and every project from interacting with the clients to realizing their vision and creating a true work of art in the form of a Teddy Bear that not only carries prestige but a lot of love as well.

His goal has remained the same throughout the years: to create relationships worthy of collaboration and bring one of a kind masterpieces that produce an everlasting impact and an emotional connection between clients and their customers allowing Herrington Teddy Bears to continue to be the worldwide leader for Bespoke Teddy Bears.