Bespoke Design & Custom Craftsmanship

Herrington Teddy Bears creates true “Bespoke Teddy Bears” with a tailored philosophy. We consider every requirement with its unique preference and characteristics, respecting the true identity of each of our clients as well as our own.

An artisanal approach is the core strength of Herrington Teddy Bears and what makes our teddy bears stand out for its distinctive character that is projected in each piece.

His President & Founder Mr. Herrington is a true artisan himself. At an early age in life he studied under one of the most avid European craftsman in the interior design business, it was there where Mr. Herrington forged a passion for art, handcrafted pieces & opulent design that now he lavishly pours into each of his teddy bear’s creations.

Herrington Teddy Bears is not a stuffed plush animals company or children’s toy business. Our brand represents true art, detailed craftsmanship and upscale collectable one of a kind signature pieces that are created from nothing trough the genius gifts Mr. Herrington possesses.

Each teddy bear is a piece of art, from the moment where the blank canvas starts to be drawn till the end of the final stitched. Each design is exclusive yet carries all the Herrington Teddy Bear hallmarks that make them extremely recognizable to the high-end community of collectors.

We are determined to deliver only the best of the best in all areas of our business, we appreciated collaborating with our team of designers and expert sewers as well as searching for the most luxurious materials to deliver a product that carries a distinctive personality and that little je ne sais quoi.