Synergy In Co-Branding

As a designer brand, Herrington Teddy Bears loves to dive in deep in collaborations with it’s clients, creating never before seen pieces that carry the spirit of each unique brand they work with and therefore the exclusivity of the bespoke design that has been developed for them.

Herrington Teddy Bears possess a devoted based of collectors all over the globe that not only will go to extreme lengths to get their hands into the exclusive editions the brand creates but that also pride themselves in the pursuit of owning the best collection of Herrington Teddy Bears. With that being said, it’s easy to understand the ramifications of owning an original & authentic Herrington Teddy Bear found along social media, art luxury auctions, secondary collector markets, etc.

Exclusivity is what defines Herrington Teddy Bear and is what makes each piece that we create to be more than just a Teddy Bear.

The passion for our brand, in addition with the passion for our customer’s brands is what creates this unique synergy that delivers among many things the following benefits for those whom we serve with upmost respect.

  • Provides Them With A Never Before Seen Exclusive Luxury Item.
  • Bestows Them With The Ultimate Teddy Bear.
  • Positions Them With Distinction.
  • Adds Value To Them & Their Brand.
  • Creates Unique PR Opportunities.
  • Delivers Unprecedented Viral Exposure.
  • Upgrades All News & Press Prints.
  • Connects Their Brand Appeal To New Segments Of The Market.