The Way We Serve Our Clients

A sophisticated approach is more than essential when addressing the needs of high-end worldwide brands. One of Herrington Teddy Bears greatest strengths is to study and discover what kind of products will enhance all the efforts our clients are investing in, to make each of their customer’s experience a unique an unforgettable one. That being said and with more than 30 years in this industry Herrington Teddy Bears designed the following solutions to be the perfect fit for a vast array of different occasions.

  • Consumer Enthusiast Products;
  • An additional revenue stream based on brand recognition providing all brand aficionados yet another item to love and expand their own personal collection.

  • Luxury Amenity Loyalty Products;
  • An exclusive VIP gift that brings customers back endlessly and delivers an elevated savoire faire.

  • Guest Relations Products;
  • An unforgettable keepsake gifted to customers for the ultimate souvenir experience which encourages them to ultimately visit multiple locations.

  • Gift Card Collection Products;
  • A brilliant avenue to create immediate revenues in a solid accountable manner, boosting sales and making sure dollars will translate into instant cash flow for the current period when the teddy bear and the gift card were purchased.

  • Elite Events Products;
  • A unique way to elevate the status of all extraordinary events, providing attendees with an ultimate limited edition creation to commemorate the date and make it even more unforgettable!