2002 Hard Rock Cafe London Guardsman Teddy Bear by Herrington Teddy Bears

 Hi, I'm Chris Herrington, president and founder of Herrington Teddy Bears. I'm just, taking a moment to share with you details on some bears that we pulled from the archives. Although we have some teddy bears available for sale, this  one isn't for sale, it's just for me to share with you. It's a limited edition that we did for the Hard Rock Cafe in London, England. This one is called the London Guardsman Teddy Bear, and we made it exclusively for the Hard Rock Cafe over in London, England, it's an amazing piece! It's iconic, it's patterned after the Royal Guard over there in England at Buckingham Palace. It's a Guardsman teddy bear. Wearing the little red outfit with the black pants, with the little stripe on the leg and the classic furry hat. And he's made of our authentic real vintage ruggly fur materials. He's a fully joint teddy bear, meaning the arms and legs move. He can be posed. He's got the Hard Rock Cafe emblem embroidered on the back of his red jacket. This edition was a particularly unique one because it had the British flag, the Union Jack flag involved in the background pattern of the embroidery. So it's a particularly unique addition, some later ones didn't have that.  It also has the little label on the front side of his red jacket that says Hard Rock Cafe London. It also has our little label on the foot, which is Hard Rock Cafe collectible Teddy on the foot. It even has the little Herrington teddy bears “button on the leg”, which is our special little plastic HTB emblem button, which is key. You want to see that button. If it doesn't have that button, it's not made by Herrington Teddy Bears. So I can only attest to the ones that we made. This one we made, it's a real official Hard Rock Cafe, London Teddy Bear Limited edition. It's got the little ear tag, which is hand numbered. 

We just happen to get some extra samples of from production from time to time. This one has a hand numbered in it. It's also available for certificate of authenticity, which you can order directly emailing me Chris at Herrington Teddy Bears. If you ever want to get a certificate, just go ahead and email me, you can also communicate directly, you can call me anytime you want. My mobile number is 9 4 9 3 5 1 4 6 2 5. If you want to get any questions answered about a teddy bear or you want to find out about it, just go ahead and contact me.  Who knows, maybe I'll even do a little feature on it next time. I just want to share with you all these details about Herrington teddy Bears because it's so amazing some of the bears that we have out there right now. The only place you can actually get this particular teddy bears is somewhere like eBay. Well, eBay's great because it is a secondary market for for collectors and you can find probably the London Guardsman teddy bear on eBay. I  have no idea what it sells for, I mean, prices can go up, up and down. 

So it just at the moment that this is really a classic, gorgeous piece that I'm very proud of! It's actually one of the first City bears that we did back in the day. We started the City Series collection for Hard Rock Cafe in about 2001 and one of the very first that we did was the  London Guardsman Bear. We also did the Liberty Bear for New York. We did the Philadelphia rockin stallion Bear was also one of the first editions we designed and produced for Hard Rock Cafe. We also produced one for the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta, Georgia, the Little Peach Bear. So there was a bunch that we did right at the beginning and this one was definitely one of them. We're really proud of the London Guardsman Bear. He lasted a lot of years, I would say probably over a decade. The last time we produced this was 2011 or 2012 when the last ones went out. So if you got one, amazing. If you didn't, you can find it on eBay or Facebook or other secondary marketplace. This one's not for sale. This is just our keeping sample. I put it on display in in the office so we can be inspired. But I love sharing details about the Herrington teddy bears with you! Thank  you for collecting our bears. Thank you for sharing and trading with others. I know there's a lot of people out there that collect Hard Rock Cafe teddy bears, of course. It's a quite a big deal. It's worldwide. I mean, at the end of the day, in the time we were doing it, we shipped our teddy bears to 60 different countries around the world. From London to Moscow, to Singapore to Tokyo to Canada. I mean, all across the United States. There's a lot of places that we put Hard Rock Cafe bears and we're very proud of it. 


We are very thankful for all the collectors that have supported us all through the years. And the conventions we did, like the Las Vegas Pinsanity Hard Rock Cafe Collector Convention was a huge one we did every year, with amazing limited edition releases!! And I'm really proud of all those times. We interacted with many collectors and shared with them the products that we made. In fact, pins was a big thing too because a lot of these teddy bears were made into pin designs also! So collectors can actually find a pin made for each of the city teddy bear pin series that we produced, including a London Guardsman teddy bear pin! So anyway, and again, I'm Chris Herrington, I'm the founder and president. I was involved in designing and producing every single bear we've ever made and I'm very proud of that. We have a team, but at the end of the day, I would always oversee and see what was going on with each and every one. So I'm just sharing with you the the details of some that I found in our archives  so you can learn more about our teddy bears! Learn more about Herrington teddy bears. We do have some limited editions available now that you can buy directly from us on our website@herringtonteddybears.com or by calling me if you would like me to email you a link. I can send you details of what we do have available. We've got some treasuries of the archives available. We have our pink teddy bear coming out soon. We’re just excited to share with you some of our history, some of the latest things. And this was a classic, the London Guardsman teddy Bear for Hard Rock Cafe International,,,  what a piece. I Love it, one of my favorite bears of all time! So thank you for letting me share this with you. Thanks guys. 


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