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Hi, I'm Chris Herrington. I'm the president and founder of Herrington Teddy Bears, and I'm sharing with  you details about some of the most amazing teddy bears we've ever made that we're featuring in our collection called The Treasures from the Archives Collection.

These are teddy bears that we just recently  found a few of left in the warehouse because we have boxes and boxes of teddy bears and sometimes there's a few left over and we get extras made for one reason or another. Anyway, this one is amazing. This is a classic. Look at the little red cowboy boots on that teddy bear. Look at his little red boots and white cowboy hat and special uniform. I mean, you really would have to know what this was ahead of me telling you. I mean, what is this bear? What is this bear? This bear is the Calgary Stampede show band Teddy bear. It's a bear that we produced back in about 2006 or seven and it was exclusive, limited edition only for the Calgary Stampede Show band, which is a, an amazing show band, marching band up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, home of the Calgary Stampede. Many of you have heard of it. It's right there in Calgary, Alberta Canada. 

 This was an authentic reproduction of the actual band member uniform that they wore back in those times around the mid two thousands. It's changed a lot since. It has the little zipper on the back that opens up the back of his uniform. It's an amazing replica, complete with the C-Lazy-S, as it’s called, on the shoulder, which stands for Calgary Stampede. It's a brand, like those they would brand on a cattle,  it's a rodeo event and it's an outdoor western event. S-Lazy-S is for the Calgary Stampede that's on the shoulder. It's got the Calgary Stampede label on the bottom of the pants. And he's got these amazing red cowboy boots, which is actually what the band wears and still wears to this day. They wear red cowboy boots and white cowboy hat, back in the day, this was the way they looked. This is particularly amazing for me, from my heart because as a young teenager, I was a member of the Calgary Stampede Show band in the early seventies. I played the trumpet and I marched along with my student friends, we had some great times. This band has really elevated over the years into world class status. They have won awards. They're over 50 years old now as a band and they've won awards from here to Japan and Europe and all over. Very, very decorated band. Very, very amazing band. If you ever get a chance to go to Calgary, I would recommend stopping and seeing the Calgary Stampede Show band in July. Every year in July, they have 10 days of the Calgary Stampede and it's well worth it. Anyway, for those of you that want the bear, there are a few left, just a few left over. It's not something we just made. It was made over 15 years ago. It was made in 2006. It has our little HTB button on the leg. If you pull up his pant leg, you can get a better look at the little cowboy boots of course. And then you can see the little button on the leg, the little Herrington teddy bears button on the leg, which is classic for all of our items to have that on the leg whenever possible. There are some times when we don't have it, it also even has the little tush tag on there too. You can see the little Herrington teddy bears tush tag. And that's another sign of authenticity, this little tush tag. So that's on there too. The little tush tag. An amazing bear, amazing reproduction of an amazing uniform, the Calgary Stampede Show Band Bear. We did it for members of the band, I think we produced maybe 300 or 500,  it was only for members of the band that they could use for, you know, as a gift amongst themselves, family members or to give away to when they visited other cities, because  they go on international tours and they take this as a memento to give to people they meet, it was a very well received and long sold out. 

 So if you're lucky enough to have one, great,  or you can order this, please join me in enjoying this wonderful limited edition piece that we made that's handmade. He's a fully joint teddy bear. That means the arms and legs move he can be posed. He's got the hand stitch face, he's made with our  classic ruggly style, old-fashioned fur materials. Look at the hand stitched nose and mouth, the paws have another accent trim color and also on the feet. He’s  got his little cowboy boots, and yes, he can, he can really march. He's a marching band teddy bear. 


Thank  you for letting me share details on some of these amazing pieces. And like I said, we had a few left from the archives so if theres any available they're on our website. If you would like  order one, please do. It's a great piece. So thank you for joining with me and learning about Herrington Teddy Bears. I'm Chris, I'm the founder. I founded this company back in 1985 when I was a server at the Cheesecake Factory. I made my first teddy bears for them as a souvenir for guests. I took the idea, the opportunity and I went from Cheesecake Factory to Giorgio Beverly Hills and sold them and then to Hard Rock Cafe, which was also based in Los Angeles at the time.  I grew the company out from literally being a server at the Cheesecake Factory to our product being sold in probably all the main cities in the world, hundreds of cities,  and at last count over 60 countries around the world when you include all the hard rock cafes that we eventually sold to from Moscow, Russia to Tokyo, Japan, to Singapore, to Hong Kong, to Sydney, Australia, and even Fiji Islands, amazing!! We sent our teddy bears to Fiji Islands. I mean, oh my gosh, right? Our bears are in a lot of places and we thank all the collectors that have followed us over the years and collected and we welcome you to join us. Right now we have a few pieces that we're listing right now. We also just finally started delivering our pink teddy bear for breast cancer awareness. We have some more direct consumer pieces that we're making that will be coming out soon. We're gonna do a whole series of, bears that represent different famous cities around the world. I've produced a Teddy bear book called The Adventures of Harry & Hannah, and that's available, so I'll be showcasing more of those things in time. But anyway, this is the Calgary Stampede Showband Teddy Bear, what a piece, what an amazing, amazing teddy bear!! Thank you! Thank you for collecting our teddy bears!! Thank you for reading my blog and learning more about our amazing history and our teddy bears!! Chris Herrington 3/27/23

 Chris Herrington, President & Founder of Herrington Teddy Bears, based in Newport Beach, California shares details about one of Herrington Teddy Bear’s very limited edition releases, the 2006 Calgary Stampede Showband Teddy Bear.   

Herrington Teddy Bears is well known for over 35 years designing and producing limited edition teddy bears for brands like Giorgio Beverly Hills, Cartier, The Cheesecake Factory, Hard Rock Cafe & Hotels, Barnes & Noble, The Plaza Hotel, Notre Dame University, UCLA and their own line of collectible teddy bear including those featured in The Adventures of Harry & Hannah books; Harry & Hannah The American Adventure and Harry & Hannah The Christmas Adventure, both by Chris Herrington.

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